Yolk-pie Automatic Feeding Pillow Packing Machine

SP-ZL800 is not only packing of yolk pie,soft bread,waffle,wafer,crunchy candy and so on.It can automatic feeding and packing for products in disorder.

Product Details

Yolk-pie Automatic Feeding Pillow Packing Machine

1.Introduction of Yolk-pie Automatic Feeding Pillow Packing Machine


◎ Advanced full servo touch screen control system, Simple transmission structure,Low failure rate, low noise and smooth operation
◎ It can be connection with production equipment to fully automatic production line. Improve production efficiency and reduce costs.
◎ Control system adopt high quality electrical components, touch screen display, easy operation
◎ Equipped automatic film roll chaining which can be achieve non-stop replacement of packaging film to improve production efficiency.
◎ Tool-less belt exchange for fast and easy cleaning. Removable crumb tray under the belt for easy cleaning and maintanence.

◎ Automatic material tracking system, package rate 100% no empty space

2. Specification of food package machine

Packing Speed


Product Dimensions


Total Power


Outside Dimensions


Power Source


3.Production Application of Yolk-pie Automatic Feeding Pillow Packing Machine

●  Yolk-pie packing

●  Other snack packing

●  Easily-broken products packing

Packing sample:


4.Detailed pictures


                        Safety cover


                     Color code detection


                        Touch screen


                          Servo motor

5.About Us

Taizhou Fine Food Machinery Co., Ltd. specializes in intelligent automatic sorting and packaging solutions, and independently develops and manufactures multiple series of automatic sorting and packaging lines, which are widely used in the food processing industry pharmaceutical industry , Medical equipment packaging, daily chemical, hardware, toys, stationery and other fields.There is our workshop.


●  Machine outbound process

QC receive production inspection notice → Check the operation of each part → Check earth leakage, average current → Check the butter and anti-rust oil → Check machine appearance → Test running speed and stability → OK → Notify to open delivery list

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