VFFS Honey Liquid Packaging Machine

This vertical liquid packaging machine is specially developed for liquids such as honey, peanut butter.

Product Details

VFFS Honey Liquid Packaging Machine

Introduction:This vertical liquid packaging machine is specially developed for liquids such as honey.

1.Food Packing Machine Features


● PLC control system

● Touch screen

● Frequency conversion speed regulation


● Easy operation

● Heat-seal mold is automatically opened after shutdown

● Automatically track color labels, bag making, metering, filling, sealing, printing date, and product output are completed at one time

2.Technical Parameters

Packing Speed

30-60 pkg/min

Fill Capacity(ml)

1-50 ml(Smaller measurement, the smaller the equipment, the higher the stability and the faster the speed)

Finished Bag Size


Bag Shape

Three-side sealing

Total Power

1.0 KW

Outside Dimensions(mm)





NW:170 KG    GW:230KG

Packing Size(mm)


3.Production Packing sample

●  Honey packing

●  Oil packing

●  Liquid packing


4.Product details




This hopper is used  304 stainless steel keep the hopper not will rusty and conform to the national health and hygiene standards.


                      Round table

The sorting table is more convenient and intuitive to check the package seal and appearance.



Our company is located in Taizhou,Zhejiang province,China,which have continuously developed a variety of high-speed packing machines such as pillow series,folding series and C series candy  and other snack food molding machines,and can provide a variety of production line equipment and program design,are widely used in food industry ,such as biscuit and backery,candies,chocolates,strip,fruits and vegetables and others and non-food industry are included office supplies personal and skin care products,household products ,industrial products and so on.





In order to meet ISO 9001 international quality control standards, we have invested heavily in innovative materials and chemical analysis, raw materials and auxiliary material inlet inspections, rubber material characteristics detection and physical performance index tests.



Q1:How do I contact you?

A: Leave messages on this page and click "send".
- Email, WhatsApp, Wechat, Skype, QQ, phone, etc.

Q2:How do I place an order and how is it completed?
A: When you are satisfied with our quotation terms and pre-sales service:
- Both sides sign a contract.
- Customers arrange the deposit payment.
- Our factory arranges production.
- Test & trial run the machine after it is finished
- Inspection by customers or their third parties or videos.
- Customers arrange the balance payment.
- Arrange to ship.
- Help customers with the machine installation.

Q3:How to find a Packing machine suitable for my product?

A:Tell us about your product details and packing requirements.
1. What kind of product?
2. Production size or bag/sachet/pouch size of you need for the product packing ( the length, width).
3. The weigh of each pack you need.

4. You requirement for the machines and the bag type. 

Q4:When you can deliver the machine after the order is placed?

A:We usually can arrange shipment after 45-60 working days,but it depends on the quantity of the products.

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