Automatic Ball Chocolate Wrapping Machine

Automatic Ball Chocolate Wrapping Machine
Product Details

Packing Speed 
Packaging Range  
Packing Film    
Aluminum Film
The Motor Power
Machine Weight1970*991*1547
Power Source   
380v 50Hz

Automatic High Speed Ball Chocolate Wrappping Machine F-CB550 is mainly used for the automatic packing spherical and ellipsoid chocolate. The model uses single layer aluminum foil as packaging material. The unique design ensures aluminum foil closely attached to the surface of product, providing an excellent packing performance.

It adopts frequency converter technique, easier operation, the parts which touch the chocolate are made with in safe material; packing with high speed and good appearance.  Packing with high speed, and good appearance.

Electronic digital frequency controller to maintain close accuracy in frequency, easier operation. This Automatic High Speed Ball Chocolate Wrappping Machine F-CB550 is a full automatic high-speed packing machine, which using automatic control to convey and pack foods,such as chocolate and other food which are not easily be handled or fragile.

You can also change the width of the surface by changing the wheel width (as required by the customer),Usually used with OL83,Realize filling function.; the wrapping disk with seven position moves intermittently.

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