Pillow Type Candy Packing Machine

Product Details

Pillow Type Candy Packing Machine


packing speed  50-1200 pcs/minute
Net weight  1245KG
Finished bag size  50mm-80mm
Outside dimensions   2350mm×1280mm×1580mm
Total power  4.5KW
voltage  380V, 50HZ
the packing shape of product  Round slice, ball shape, ellipse, waist round shape, cylindrical, block etc
adopted product  hard candy, toffee, center filled candy, scotch, pill
film  OPP, CPP,aluminum plastic film and other hot-sealing material, etc

Trustworthy Candy Packing Machine

High Quality Eletrical Parts Ensure the Long Service Life


Various types of solidlike shape of the product, Food industry: Toffee, milk candy, swiss, scotch, chewing gum.

Medical catalogue: The pill with the shape of spherical, ellipse, waist round, Block, square, etc.

Main Features

1.Automatic bag length adjustment with touch screen

2.Equipped with Automatic photocell avoiding film-cutting error.

3.Complete airtight sealing,Full stainless frame.

4.Frequency converter,stepless speed regulation.

5..High performance, easy for operation,maintenance.