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The Principle Of Vacuum Packaging Machine

Apr 22, 2015

1, vacuum:

Vacuum chamber cover closed, vacuum pump, vacuum start vacuum packaging bags and vacuum, vacuum gauges rose, reaching the rated vacuum (controlled by the time relay ISJ) vacuum pump stopped working, the vacuum stops. While working in a vacuum, IDT two-position three way solenoid valve and sealing gas chamber vacuum, pressing in place.

2, heat seal:

IDT broken, outside atmospheric through its upper intake hole entered hot seal gas room, using vacuum indoor with hot seal gas room zhī jiān of pressure poor, hot seal gas room inflatable expansion, makes its shàng hot frame xià moved, pressure live bags mouth; while hot seal transformer work, began sealing; this while, time following electrical 2SJ work, number seconds hòu action, hot seal ended.

3, return-air:

Two-position two-way solenoid valve 2DT, and atmosphere into the vacuum chamber, the vacuum gauge pointer back to zero, pressing rely on reset spring reset, open lid of vacuum chamber.

4, cycle:

The vacuum chamber to another on the vacuum chamber, enters the next working procedure, alternating work in both rooms, the cycle repeats itself.