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The Industrial Robot

Sep 10, 2016
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In the face of increasingly urgent industrial transformation and upgrading of the pressure, luoyang, guangzhou, chongqing, changzhou, shenyang and other cities, all began to industry as a breakthrough of the robot. However, some experts warn that the local government should draw lessons, to avoid robot industry to become the second "wind and solar power industry".
Around for industrial robot
The traditional heavy industry city of luoyang, is
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The industrial revitalization of the new hope to the intelligent equipment, robot industry.
Recently, the "first financial daily" reporter from the local host an intelligent equipment (robot) theme on the BBS, at present, the luoyang industrial robot and intelligent equipment industry is main business income is 30 billion yuan, accounting for 20.7% of the scale above equipment manufacturing industry in the city's main income.
According to luoyang published "industrial robot and intelligent equipment industry crucial action plan for three years, the city will be before the end of 2016, the offshore industry gathering area construction, luoyang industrial agglomeration area is a domestic and internationally competitive influential industrial robot and intelligent equipment research and development base. At that time, the city's main business income of industrial robot and intelligent equipment industry is expected to reach 80 billion yuan, industry robot and intelligent equipment in the equipment manufacturing industry sales accounted for more than 30%.
Not only in luoyang, guangzhou, chongqing and other city have high hopes of the industrial robot. In guangzhou as an example, a city in early march this year executive meeting examined and approved by the guangzhou city to promote the development of industrial robot and intelligent equipment industry implementation opinion ", and put forward to in 2020, cultivate the intelligent equipment industry cluster formation exceeds one hundred billion yuan, according to the plan, guangzhou will be more than 80% of the manufacturing enterprises, the application of industrial robot and intelligent equipment to become the country's largest and the most competitive one of the industrial robot and intelligent equipment industry base.
Is located in liaoning province Shen Fu xincheng also declared that will focus on building robot industry cluster.
And under the leading of "mayor huang qifan, chongqing also in March 2013 passed the chongqing economic and information commission on accelerating the development of robot industry report", started in liangjiang new area planning and construction of a robot industrial park covers an area of 2 square kilometers. Local goal is that by 2015, gathered more than 30 companies, forming 40000 industrial machine machine and key parts and components production capacity, annual output value 20 billion yuan; In 2020, gathered more than 200 enterprises, the formation of 100000 sets of 1 million sets of industrial robot, service robot, the annual production capacity of 1000 sets of special robot, achieve an annual output value of 50 billion yuan.
Recruitment difficult rapid development to promote the industrial robot
Behind the industry compete for robots, is a huge cake. According to the international federation of robotics, as early as 2011, China's new robot installed capacity has more than 20000 units, more than the United States and Germany, after the Japanese robot of the world's second largest market, in 2014, since the job difficult, China's industrial robot began to 25% average annual rate of development.
International robot and intelligent equipment industry association executive director Luo Jun middle of march this year, according to the media after three years, is expected to demand in our market will break through at least 50000, after ten years, China's annual output value will be close to 300 billion yuan, robot and the robot industry cluster of annual output value will reach trillions of dollars.
Luo Jun said, a few years ago about the industrial robot at home, everyone also all think too early, a large number of rural labor and urban labor employment is the primary problem. But the last two years, as China's manufacturing worker average wage by 14.5% year on year compound growth rate increases year by year, the robot industry gradually become the hot spot in the market.
And as China is transition from middle to late industrialization rapid industrialization, the traditional manufacturing technology already cannot satisfy the requirement of the enterprise production, such as intelligent robot equipment technology is becoming the top priority of enterprises realize the industrial transformation and upgrading.
"The two factors of superposition, the explosive growth of the robot and intelligent equipment industry." Luo Jun said.
Don't blindly in no comparative advantage
Although the demand of the industrial robot market is thriving, but robotics institute of Beijing university of aeronautics and astronautics professor Wang Tianmiao on "first financial daily" said that at present, the robot industry in China still faces big problems, among them, the reliability of the products and the lack of core components technology, will become the biggest problem restricting the development of China's industrial robot.
China is becoming the world's second largest market robots, but one of the core technology and key parts and components, mostly in the hands of foreign manufacturers, and the current domestic market of the robot, 96% are using foreign brands.
Industrial park of face are built around the robot, mechanical science research institute, vice President of the former flexor wise told this newspaper, local governments should absorb wind energy, solar energy industry in past years by many governments to horse resulting in severe overcapacity, avoid robot industry to become the second "wind and solar power industry".
Luo Jun also said that although the robot and intelligent industry attaches great importance to is a good thing, but not every place have the requirement of construction robot and intelligent equipment industry park, the judgment criteria should include three aspects: one depends on whether has a good industrial base, including scientific research resources, industry resources and talent base; 2 it is to see if this place has a very large market radiation ability, through the introduction of technology, construction base, form the upstream and downstream industry agglomeration; Three is to see if local has very obvious material basis, the material advantage is the cost advantage.
"Without the three comparative advantage, or all three of these advantages are not very clear, suggested don't blindly to intervene." Luo Jun said.
For the robot industry how to breakthrough of luoyang, flexor wise is suggested that the local can rely on traditional manufacturing advantages, through the first generation of nc equipment and product development, cultivate a precision bearing, gear rotating device, and then to digital, networked, intelligent manufacturing as the main line, increase the luoyang manufacturing, and actively cultivate the robot using solutions integrators.