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Shanghai Jinshan Explore Environmental Protection Capacity Inventory System

Feb 26, 2019

We should continue to improve the business environment, and resolutely maintain the rigidity of environmental protection. Reporter recently learned that Shanghai in Jinshan explore environmental capacity space comprehensive "listing" management mechanism, in the red line and the bottom line, keep ecological environment of strict enforcement of environmental access list at the same time, establish enterprise comprehensive listing, formed "one of a enterprise, an enterprise with a single", the way and the way for a company, and improve the comprehensive benefits of environmental capacity space.

Shanghai Jinshan has scientifically and rationally formulated the "red line" for ecological protection, the "bottom line" for environmental quality, the "upper line" for resource development and utilization, and the list of environmental access, leaving room for development. At the same time, in line with the actual situation of enterprises, a list of emergency measures to reduce atmospheric pollution has been drawn up to form a "one enterprise, one single order" without the " one-size-fits-all" approach of shutting down entire factories.

In order to put good projects into operation as soon as possible and implement effective environmental management, we need to give enterprises more guidance and guidance and help them avoid detours. In Shanghai's Jinshan district, the ministry of environmental protection has formulated the relevant examination and approval principles for local leading industries and provided advance guidance and technical guidance for the investment attraction of industrial parks, investment of construction units and the preparation of environmental impact assessment unit reports. At the same time, the third party of environmental protection was introduced to assist the supervision and law enforcement, and a site visit record sheet was made to record the basic information of enterprises in detail. In parallel with the inspection and guidance, "one enterprise one file" was established for 144 key enterprises in the region.

On this basis, the introduction of a "list of self-examination."The environmental protection department through the water, gas, sound, slag 27 supervision key points of the comb, forming a comprehensive law enforcement listing, require active key enterprises control list of law enforcement, combing pollution control, parameter management, environmental protection facilities operation related issues, responsible for targeted by law enforcement personnel to give guidance, help enterprises to find solutions together.

At present, Jinshan in the environmental protection law enforcement inspection has initially formed a "one check two advise three change four penalty five public notice" five-step working method, to achieve both strength and temperature. Environmental supervision and law enforcement opinions are issued to help enterprises that have committed environmental violations but have minor environmental impacts, have not caused harmful consequences to the environment and can correct them in a timely manner, so as to minimize the negative impacts caused by environmental administrative penalties. However, in the course of cleaning up and renovating illegal construction projects, we will resolutely close down a number of "messy and polluting" enterprises, promote the transformation and upgrading of the industrial structure, and make room for quality projects.