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Regular Inspection And Maintenance Of Automatic Liquid Filling Machine

Mar 01, 2019

Regular inspection and maintenance of an automatic liquid filling machine

The automatic liquid filling machine is more simple and convenient in operation, precision error, installation adjustment, equipment cleaning, maintenance and other aspects. Widely used in daily chemicals, oil and other industries can be different high viscosity fluid filling. The machine design is compact and reasonable, the appearance is simple and beautiful, the filling quantity is easy to adjust.

Introduction of an automatic liquid filling machine:

1. The filling machine cylinder, housing, hopper are made of stainless steel materials, piston made of PTFE materials, pneumatic parts are imported pneumatic components, in line with GMP requirements.

2. Automatic liquid filling machine filling volume and filling speed can be arbitrary regulation, foot switch and automatic filling function, high precision, simple structure, easy operation.

Regular inspection and maintenance of automatic liquid filling machine

1.Arrange the circuit of the electric control box, clean the chemicals in the electric control box

2. Check whether contacts and wires of various electrical components of the automatic liquid filling machine are in good contact and whether the grounding wire is in good contact with no leakage.

3. Check whether the motor bearing is abnormal and determine the insulation of the motor

4. Check whether the operating mechanism is flexible, whether the scissors and shaft sleeve are worn seriously and whether the fasteners are loose

5. Adjustment of liquid level of automatic liquid filling machine: before each shift of filling, firstly lift the liquid level probe rod on the material box out of the liquid level and put it in the original height position (the position cannot be changed), then open the main valve of feed (the valve should be kept in the same position for each shift). The material box * liquid level shall not be lower than the inlet and outlet of the material box, and it can be filled in batches. If the liquid level of the material box needs to be increased, the probe rod shall be lifted to an appropriate height. The pressure of the level controller can also be adjusted. Close the main feed valve of the automatic liquid filling machine before off duty.