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Powder Packaging Machine Packaging System Maintenance Methods

Mar 01, 2019

Powder packaging machine packaging system maintenance methods

Powder packaging machine has the advantages of simple structure and simple operation, now the factory has begun to use a large number of the powder packaging machine. But hydraulic transmission system, are some of the more sophisticated parts. It is true that the full automation of powder packaging machine is found to be labour-saving, convenient, and at the same time feel that it is easy to damage. Investigate its reason, basically, be not quite clear its working principle and construction characteristic, also understand its preventive maintenance method not quite thereby.

The packaging system has three basic "causative" factors: pollution, overheating and air ingestion. These 3 disadvantageous factors are having close and close inherent connection, generalize any one of them, can produce another or multiple problems jointly. The practice has proved that 76% of the "pathogenic" causes of packaging system are caused by the three factors. The working oil will deteriorate due to entering the dirt; Overheating causes system damage and deterioration of hydraulic oil; Into the air.

Solution: to a few main precision in the system clean and assemble, all should undertake in very clean indoor, indoor due and clean floor and airtight door window, the temperature had better maintain to be controlled in 16 Celsius. Pay close attention to the storage and transfer of working oil. The oil drum should be marked and covered up. In winter, to pay attention to the barrel not because of air condensation into the water and mixed with oil, not to fall into the barrel skin rust. Try to keep the oil temperature in the range of 20-65 degrees Celsius when the machine is working. Pay attention to the machine cooling in summer, winter motor and other mechanical systems to take a number of preventive measures, such as cover antifreeze, heat preservation, low viscosity hydraulic oil, etc., are used for packaging system. In winter and poor working conditions, to powder packaging machine system check, maintenance, often replace the hydraulic oil.