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Metal Packaging Industry Is Still In The Boom Cycle

Feb 14, 2019

Metal packaging materials have excellent comprehensive performance and extremely rich resources, so metal packaging still maintains vitality and application forms are more diverse. China's demand for metal packaging is very promising and demand is large.

    Metal packaging is an important part of China's packaging industry. It mainly provides packaging services for food, canned food, beverage, oil, chemical, pharmaceutical, stationery and cosmetics industries. Today, with the rapid development of various packaging technologies, new packaging materials are constantly appearing and competing with each other. After years of development, China's metal packaging has initially formed a complete range of industries with considerable technical level and certain scale, occupying an important position in the packaging market and becoming one of the largest areas in China's packaging industry.

    Classification of metal packaging materials:

    1. The variety of metal materials used for packaging. There are mainly steel, aluminium, copper, tin, lead, etc., among which steel, aluminium and alloy materials are used.

    2. The form and use of metal materials for packaging. There are mainly metal sheets, strips, wires, foils, and the like.

    Generally, a foil having a thickness of less than 0.2 mm is used, and a plate having a thickness of more than 0.2 mm is generally referred to as a plate.

    3. Classification of metal materials for packaging.

    (1) Steel packaging materials Compared with other metal packaging materials, steel packaging materials are rich in source and cheap, and their use ranks first in metal packaging materials.

    (2) Aluminium packaging materials Aluminum packaging materials are light in weight and excellent in processing performance, mainly including pure aluminium sheets, alloy aluminium sheets, aluminium foils and aluminized films.