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How To Purchase Packaging Machine Equipment Is Better?

Dec 10, 2020

How to purchase packaging machine equipment is better?

    With the progress of society, the development of all walks of life is gradually growing, and the competition is becoming more intense and entering a state of intense heat. The support of market competition is the level of hardware equipment of the enterprise. Without first-class hardware equipment, it is impossible to produce first-class quality products. The development and growth of enterprises will inevitably be accompanied by the improvement of the level of hardware equipment. Purchasing first-class equipment at home and abroad, especially packaging equipment, will improve the quality, taste, and taste of products. Image, selling point, and seizing market opportunities by combining competitive advantages and leading product packaging market trends have been increasingly adopted by powerful companies. If you want to stand out in the fierce competition, you must have advanced production equipment. As a member of the packaging machine industry,  Taizhou Fine Food Machinery Co.,Ltd. teaches you how to purchase packaging machine equipment. When purchasing packaging machine equipment, pay attention to "three avoid" and "two comparisons."

    Three avoid

    First avoid "bargaining for cheap". Regardless of the nature or type of packaging companies at home and abroad, no company will lose money to sell you packaging equipment. If you lower the price, the ratio of low-cost parts and materials they choose in the process of manufacturing equipment will be The higher the higher, the common saying "buy not sell the essence" contains this truth. The most important thing for our company to import foreign packaging machines is its technical equipment level and stable operation quality. If this goal is not achieved, the introduction of foreign packaging equipment is not as good as the best domestic equipment.

    Second avoid "discuss the price first and then determine the function." The purpose of introducing packaging equipment is to improve the market competitiveness of enterprises. Therefore, the functions and implementation principles and control systems of the imported packaging equipment must be clearly discussed.The technical terms implemented in the contract are an integral part of the contract. This part will serve as an important document for equipment arrival acceptance, post-commissioning acceptance, warranty service and equipment maintenance, and spare parts ordering, along with the complete life of the equipment. It is very necessary to understand the single quotation and shelf life of functional components. This will be the main reference and basis for the company to purchase spare parts in the future. Only when the functions of the packaging machine meet the purpose of importing, the price will have actual value. Sacrificing function to achieve the purchase price target is a major avoid in purchasing equipment.

    Third avoid "to end with one". Conduct in-depth technical exchanges with similar suppliers as much as possible, understand and grasp the advantages and potentials of each supplier, and special features are the level and uniqueness of technical equipment.

    Two comparisons

    A comparison of technical equipment level". There will be qualitative differences between machines with the same functions and the same man-machine interface operations.

    The second comparison is "functional satisfaction." Which equipment functions do you most want to achieve? What is the priority of these functions? Which supplier provides the equipment that best meets your functional requirements, that is, compare the "compliance" of packaging machine suppliers, the higher the degree of compliance, It means that you have bought the product you most want to buy.

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