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Food Packaging Machinery To Optimize Production Structure

Sep 10, 2016
Currently, food packaging machinery industry continues to develop, but accompanied by contradictions, enterprises still can not cope with the changing situation, the development of ideas from industry and the development of the situation incompatible; development of new products is not to get rid of fake research tracking the situation fundamentally, technological innovation capability technology lead to the slow progress of weak economic growth, improvement in efficiency is still mainly rely on the scale of pull. 
Packaging machinery industry face many unfavorable factors, the most urgent is to change the packaging machinery industry in the development of enterprises, enterprises should go look at a new starting point, change the development philosophy, and strengthen independent innovation, enhance market awareness, and vigorously promote the domestic packaging development of machinery industry. To change the status of the packaging machinery industry, and promote the development of packaging machinery industry, while making great strides to note trends of packaging machinery. 
Look at the future of food packaging machinery 
China's packaging machinery over-reliance on foreign high-end technology, has severely hampered China's packaging industry sustained and stable development. Currently increasingly competitive food packaging machinery, food packaging machinery will next meet industrial automation, packaging equipment to promote the overall level of increase, the development of multi-function, high efficiency, low consumption of food packaging equipment. The food packaging machinery is to increase innovation efforts to gradually implement the "big strong small specialized" production business model, the formation of "difference" competition in the market system. 
food packaging machineryneeded to high-end 
At present, the development of China's food machinery industry has made certain achievements, continue to maintain steady growth. In contrast, domestic food machinery development still faces some constraints of factors. From the industry's development and market demand, backward technology, obsolete equipment and so restricts the development of enterprises, many food products machinery companies are trying to replace those, but many just improved on the basis of original equipment, may Tang said that the change does not change the material, did not go to innovation and development, the lack of high-end technology. 
In fact, high-end food machinery is currently the pain of domestic development of food machinery industry in the transition process automation, food machinery industry spawned a huge market, but high profits necessarily represent the strength of the high-end food machinery products have been occupied by a foreign country, and now Germany Three US-Japan rivalry is strong Chinese market. At present, food machinery companies promote products were shown to save labor, more intelligent, easy operation, production capacity and product more stable and other features. 
Food packaging machinery needed towards the development of efficient energy consumption 
Intelligent operation, saving labor, but also for enterprises to save fuel costs, the cost savings per year to reach 20%. In recent years, domestic food machinery enterprise development, stressing innovation, with a relatively large development in technology upgrades, proprietary standards and brand building. Many of the industry's strong corporate R & D results, already started to change the low end of the international division of food machinery enterprises, can only take the low road of international embarrassing situation. But overall, Chinese food machinery enterprises in order to surpass the United States, for at least the next decade is not realistic. 
Domestic food machinery industry is in a rapid growth among the further optimization of production structure, promote the development of high-end food machinery and equipment will be the focus of the next phase of the development goals of the industry. Further improve the industry concentration, optimize the production structure, improve the high-end food packaging machinery R & D and production capacity, will be to achieve the goal of basic food requirements of mechanical power.