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Analysis And Treatment Of Five Common Faults Of Packaging Machine

Mar 01, 2019

Analysis and treatment of five common faults of the packaging machine

The packaging machine is a kind of mechanical equipment, maintenance is its required course, if not long-term maintenance or maintenance will lead to its short service life, and in the packaging machine work, if there are some common failures, we need to learn how to deal with.

First, after the completion of packaging found that the packaging bag of moulding products has a serious tilt, in some cases can try to adjust the cutter, try to use fine-tuning method, this will make the bag has a certain change, if the bag is still tilted, as soon as possible to contact the manufacturer.

Second, the unloading bags action position is not normal, packaging can't accurate to what we want on the conveyor belt, the basically caused problems because the encoder, at this time, we need to detect photoelectric encoder is set in position error, if any, would need to timely adjust.

Three, automatic peeling error, equipment and instrument display alarm. The size of the automatic peeling parameters should be based on the weight of a single package and the weight of the possible stowage on the weighing platform, not too large. Otherwise, it is not easy to find out when the change of tare is caused by the failure of the metering system.

Four, packaging bag online detection failure, unloading the pocket clip on the compressed air peng most pressure can be used to monitor the packaging bag online work, this time we need to detect the pressure switch, circuit and sensor.

Five, the second filling failure occurs during the filling process, and the machine alarm shows the ERRBL signal, and the unloading buckle's resistance increases due to the small size of the material mouth caused by the accumulated dirt. At this time, the packaging bag will not be filled, and then the device will give an alarm. This situation is very simple, only the inside of the bin needs to be cleaned.