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Control Is ImpartantTo Food Machinery Detail

Sep 10, 2016
Innovation: points water system face skin texture
If your taste buds are sensitive and may find that age season package dumplings the most delicious, winter and summer package dumplings taste is a bit poor, is this why? Zhang qiang to explain, in the face in the process of production, and when the water temperature has a great relationship and taste.
Dumplings very delicious, and the taste of crust and fillings are important, in order to improve the taste of dumpling skin, keda on face and filling equipment continue to improve, points of water systems of the latest research and development through intelligent configuration, to ensure that no matter how many, ambient temperature under the condition of the original water temperature is not constant, and water flow rate, in the process of constant temperature, ensure that face the best taste.
In addition, in order to reduce and process of the artificial, and at the same time avoid artificial too much may cause food contamination, keda in the latest generation of vacuum mixer on the application of automatic water system. The system can automatically according to need to choose the appropriate water metering, optional water filtration system at the same time, further to ensure clean water.
View: the details to control is very important
As a manufacturer, keda very pay attention to adjust the equipments according to the needs of the market. In about a year or two of the frozen dumplings market, latter, dumpling production enterprises are produced, one of the most classic leek egg fillings used general mixed filling machine to operate easily beat leeks. In order to keep the filling in leek freshness, and prevent artificial scrambled eggs Fried paste, division of research and development out of the frying pan, simply set the scrambled egg with time, the data such as stirring frequency can fry out the best taste of the latter material.
\"This is just a way of innovation.\" In zhang qiang's view, equipment industry innovation, in addition to single technological innovation itself, also includes small link for equipment improvement. Multi-functional vegetable dicing machine, for example, a giant enterprise for chopped leeks length different questions made many attempts, even thought about to choose the appropriate specifications leek with a sieve. Keda at the edge of dicing machine connected to a spring clamp, imitating manual chopped leeks press process, it is easy to solve the problem.
At the same time, improve the connectivity between the stand-alone equipment is also zhang qiang consider problem. Vegetable dehydrator, for example, after dewatering machine roller is designed using straight on straight down, after take off the water with scraping board attached to the drum of the above material, let the workers to push the material to the next link. Zhang qiang, set the dryer to side into the side of, and in the drum set into a curve slope, in this way, vegetables after take off the water can be automatically into the next link, and do not adhere to the cylinder walls.
Trend: to provide complete equipment solutions
With the deepening of the social informatization, intelligent application in every aspect of life, the food industry is no exception. Keda current equipment mostly adopts PLC control system, the choice of enterprise network system of remote control and monitoring using a state, can also according to their own needs, set up a few heavy password, prevent common drag zhang equipment industry.
\"In the future, food machinery will towards intelligence, automation, reduce artificial direction, ideal is operators are sitting in the office at the computer remote control equipment.\" Zhang qiang said, with the increase of labor costs, using machines instead of human, the people from the heavy, boring Labour liberation has become inevitable, on the one hand, the high cost of artificial; On the other hand to reduce artificial will reduce the probability of food contamination.
Mention of food contamination, he thought to keep equipment of their own health, easy to clean, such as vacuum mixer are used mechanical and electrical separation system, low voltage control non-work state, the machine can be directly flush.
Zhang qiang said, yield, efficiency is an important factor to measure single machine equipment is advanced or not, and improve the effective production efficiency of the whole line to ensure that actual production capacity, thus providing users with complete sets of equipment of the solution is becoming the development direction of equipment industry, to help users reduce costs at the same time also convenient equipment enterprises carry out repairs and maintenance of equipment.