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China's Packaging Machinery Industry International Development

Sep 10, 2016
China's packaging machinery started late in 1990, has not yet formed a complete industrial system, the "Ninth Five-Year" plan, the rapid development of China's packaging machinery, with an average annual growth rate of over 30% since the beginning of 2000, the speed is still around 20% growth. It is predicted that by 2020, China's packaging industry will meet the needs of building a moderately prosperous society, built a high technological content, good economic returns, low resources consumption, little environmental pollution and human resources into full play the advantages of the new Chinese packaging machinery industry. At present, China's packaging machinery industry has reached a crossroads, a critical moment came in transition adjustment. 
First, more attention to the cultivation of new ideas and reinforce 
Transition of the industry, decided to conduct the business along with the inevitable transition. And this transformation is to establish a new philosophy of the premise. In the future, we should pay more attention to nurturing and consolidating the three concepts. 
1, priority management quality concept 
If a decade ago, is the era of the scale of growth, then the next ten years will be the era of management quality is king. 
To emphasize the inevitable management quality, but also the development of the industry. According to the survey data, the average per capita revenue of China's packaging machinery business, profit per capita assets were only 12.95% of the world's leading enterprises, about 29.62% and 1.57%; average level of profitability only in the world of packaging machinery companies average level of profitability of 12.06%. This gap determines the packaging machinery companies in China Following a decade of relatively extensive growth is bound to pursue a fine, efficiency, and optimal allocation of resources era. Management quality is not high, there is no core competitiveness of enterprises will be eliminated era. 
2, competing ideas 
The rapid growth of the packaging machinery industry, is inseparable from the perfectly competitive environment. However, the relationship between peers and not just competition. In a mature stage of the industry, but should uphold the concept of co-opetition. Peers should not be rivals, but should be partners; should not be the enemy, but should be comrades. Because the harmony of the industry, every business depends on their behavior; future of the industry, but also our common future. Enterprises should be open in the high-end technology, internal management, marketing and other aspects of the competition, so that we can always feel the pressure of the market, to keep fighting, competing development; in general technology, supporting resources, purifying the competitive environment and other aspects should work together to create a new image of the industry. Competing ideas, should become an important symbol of industry maturity, the maturity of the enterprise. 
3, the concept of soft power 
History of human civilization fully demonstrated that there is no cultural forces active lead, not the spirit of the world's great riches, there is no culture of creativity into full play, a country, a nation with considerable material technology even hard power, it is impossible to establish a long-term the world's advanced nations. 
Business even more so. If a decade ago, is dependent on growth in the era of tangible assets; then, the next decade will be more to highlight the power of enterprise intangible assets. A company's brand image, spiritual culture, management, etc., will be able to go far in deciding the most important factor. 
Second, more emphasis on technological innovation capability to nurture and consolidate 
Technological innovation is the soul of manufacturing survival and development, structural adjustment and transformation of economic development mode to optimize the inexhaustible power. Integration and information technology in terms of depth, packaging machinery industry in the future must be based on digital, networked, intelligent manufacturing as the core, in order to promote product innovation, manufacturing technology innovation, production and even innovative business model, so we have to accelerate information process, improve the innovative design capabilities, extended manufacturing industry chain, improve the industrial added value; 
Green manufacturing, we should implement through reduction, reuse, recycling principle, promote green development cycle of development, low-carbon development, the development of high efficiency, low consumption, low emission of green manufacturing processes, reduce manufacturing energy total consumption, improve energy efficiency of resource use, promote green industrial culture; 
In structural optimization, only continue to use new technologies to enhance the technical content industries, increasing low-end manufacturing comparative advantage in order to achieve the advantages of upgrading industries; while forming a world-class multinational companies, but also cultivate a a large number of full creative energy, "special expertise" for SMEs to optimize the organizational structure of the industry. 
Third, more attention to the cultivation of international capabilities and reinforce 
In the era of globalization, we should pay more attention to the ability of international companies to nurture and reinforce, out of a new international road. 
International, much more than just sell products from Chinese overseas, the people sent abroad to build factories overseas, but to integrate into the global industrial ecology, to do a co-supported by the different ethnic groups, different countries, different regions of Humanities from world-class companies. So, when the Chinese packaging machinery business strategy, management, technology, culture are global in dimension, "going out" will no longer mean only from China - the world is both our destination, but also our departure. 
Go out and be competitive into the international circle, speed and endurance competition. In this race, the U.S. and European multinational companies starting earlier than China time, speed, management philosophy, technical resources, localization capability is much stronger than Chinese companies. They had to open the channel for the global economy, has been formed and rules of international competition. 
Development of packaging machinery industry not only rely on science and technology, professional equipment and innovative thinking, but also rely on a complete working system, a sound system of production, etc., while China's packaging industry is continued to add vitality to the continued development of the entire industry.