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Automatic Granular Packaging Machine

Sep 10, 2016

In the rapid development of science and technology today, the packaging industry has been paid more and more attention. Appearance of commodities packing can protect the goods, good packaging can cause consumer interest, stimulate consumption effect. Therefore, it is necessary to design a packaging machine, to meet the needs of modern packaging industry maximum demand This paper mainly introduces a kind of packaging machinery -- granular candy packing machine and its working principle and the design process. This machine is mainly transverse sealing mechanism, a longitudinal sealing mechanism, a feeding mechanism, a cutting mechanism, drive mechanism and electric control system. In this design, we mainly through the design of the transmission system of the institutions, to meet the requirements of design, in order to achieve the required production efficiency. In addition, also was calculated and the transmission parts of the strength check through the parameter of the transmission system, and the overall appearance, the box and the bracket for the reasonable improvement. To achieve the main function of particle packing machine, which is suitable for packaging food, tea, medicine, chemical products such as loose, non-cohesive particles with small dose of packaging items.