Mask Packaging Machine

SP-Z400 machine is used for the packing of solid products with regular shapes,such as card,paper,medicine,mask,and other hardwares.

Product Details

Mask packaging machine

1. Production Features of Mask packaging machine

●  Food line: chocolate, biscuit, yolk pie, wafer, snickers, candy, ice bar.

●  Commodity: Soap, mask, paper, card, similar product.


●  Computer controller system, the photoelectric detection and bi-directional tracking, which can eliminate the error of packing and reduce the waste of packing film and raw materials.

●  With three servo touch screen control system.

●  Durable structure design prolongs the machine using time and the machinecan work separately, easy installation, commissioning maintenance.


●  It can work smoothly, sound seal and high capacity.

●  Operating and displaying easily and conveniently

2. Product specification of the Mask packaging machine

Packing speed


Finished bag size


Total Power




Net weight




Wrapping film

OPP,CPP,PET,Aluminium plating film, any  hot sealing film


3.  Production Application of the Mask packaging machine

packaging example

packaging machine

packing machine company

4.Production Details of the Mask packaging machine

We have accurate technology, strictly follow the designer's drawings, every detail is handled very well.

Film feeding device

Film feeding device


packaging machine worktable

5. Qualification

●  About us

    Taizhou Fine Food Machinery Co., Ltd and Taizhou Subei Mechanical& Electrical Technology Co., Ltd has a high reputation and comment around the clients, taking the leading market in the Middle East, Europe, Austria, Latin America, African and other countries.


6. Deliver, Shipping And Serv

Delivery,Shipping and Serving 1

7. FAQ

●  Q: How to choose  seed packaging equipment?

A: First of all, the type of seed and the size of the packaging bag must be determined; secondly, according to the actual number of grams per bag; finally, combined with the site of our own factory, choose the appropriate machine.

●  Q: Will you provide the delivery service?
A: Yes. Please inform us of your final destination, we will check with our shipping agent to quote the shipping cost for your reference before delivery.

●  Q:We are afraid you won't send us the machine after we send you the money?

A: Please note our above business license and certificate. And if you don't trust us, then we can use alibaba trade assurance service, guarantee your money, and guarantee your machine's on-time delivery and machine quality. 


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