Low-cost Automatic Candy Bag Packaging Machine

We supply Low-cost automatic candy bag packaging machine,our company has the high reputation and comment around the clients , taking the leading market in the Middle East , Europe , Austria, Latin America,Africa, and other countries , providing the budget service, product recommendation , technical support, installation .trainingand maintenance.

Product Details

Low-cost automatic candy bag packaging machine 

1. Production Features of candy packaging machine

    Low-cost candy pillow packing machine is suitable for candy and chocolate pillow packaging. It can pack ball, ellipse, square, and other regular shape.



●  full  automatic system, Reduce labor costs substantially

●  stainless steel materials

●  Imported PLC control system


●  easy operation With auto warning protection function to minimize loss.

●  Good service, If you have any questions, you can communicate by telephone \ video.

●  Automatic correction function can save time and film and more intelligent operation

2. Product specification of the Vacuum cleaners

Technical Parameters

packing speed

 50-1200 candy/minute (single candy)


Net weight


Finished bag size


Outside dimensions


Total power



 220V, 50HZ

the packing shape of product

 Round slice, ball shape, ellipse, waist round shape, cylindrical, block etc

adopted product

 hard candy, soft candy, toffee, center filled candy, scotch, pill,chewing gum.


 OPP, CPP, aluminum plastic film and other hot-sealing material, etc

3.  Production Application


Hardware: bearing


Hard candy


Gum candy


marble chocolate

4.Production Details



Pushing Channel

chain hook_副本

Chain Hook


Automatic Film Changing device

5. Qualification

●  Production technology process


●  The guest mood maintenance

We always warmly entertain guests far away, solve their difficulties in other countries, and warmly introduce our products to them.


6. Deliver, Shipping And Serving

    Delivery,Shipping and Serving 1


●  Q1: When you can deliver the machine after the order is placed?

    A1: We usually can arrange shipment after 30-40 working days, but it depends on the quantity of the products.  


●  Q2: How about your warranty?

    A2: We provide 13 months warranty, starts from the issue date of the bill of lading.


●  Q3: What can you provide after-service?

    A3: We can provide machine testing videos and pictures before delivery, English manual, some free spare parts, installation in clients' factories, and technical training.

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