Lollipop Production

professional candy deposition line, suitable for twin flavor, stripe and coffee lollipop.

Product Details

Lollipop deposition line  F-C300


The produced candy have a transparent and smooth surface with good taste.

Main features
1. Imported PLC control system, confirm stable performance; Programming setting temperature, time and speed.
2.10.7" Touch screen monitor working process and parameter setting, easy operation, and control.
3. Production output capacity from 150kg/hour to 600kg/hour( depends on machine model).
4. Transducer control adjustment, confirm the quantity of syrup flow accurate and constant.
5. Automatic adding and mixing essence and food colorants during processing.
5. There are various shape achievable depends on the mold.

Technical Parameters

Model FC-300
Capacity 300-600KG/H
Depositing Speed 45-65times/minute
Candy shape According to the requirement
Steam Consumption 500KG/H
Pressure 0.4-0.7MPA
Power Voltage 380V
Total power 28KW
Compressed Air Consumption 0.3M3/MIN
Pressure 0.4-0.6Mpa
using environment Temperature 20-25
Humidity 55%
Candy weight 3-5g
Outside Dimensions 12000mm(L)*2000(W)*2700(H)
weight 5500Kg