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Working principle of food packaging machine

Nov 16, 2020

Working principle of food packaging machine

1. The electrical part of the current automatic food packaging machine generally consists of the following:

a) The main control circuit is composed of a frequency converter and a programmable controller (PLC) as the control core;

b) The temperature control circuit is composed of intelligent temperature control meters, solid state relays, thermocouple components, etc., with temperature control, intuitive display and convenient setting;

c) Multi-point tracking and detection are realized by photoelectric switches, electromagnetic proximity sensors, etc.;


2. Working principle of automatic food packaging machine

The quality of product packaging is directly related to the temperature system, the accuracy of the host speed, and the stability of the tracking system.

The tracking system is the control core of the packaging machine, which uses forward and reverse two-way tracking to further improve the tracking accuracy. After the machine is running, the film mark sensor continuously detects the film mark (color mark), and the tracking micro switch of the mechanical part detects the position of the machine. The above two signals are sent to the PLC. After the program is calculated, the output of the PLC is Y 6 (True chase), Y 12 (reverse chase)The positive and negative tracking of the tracking motor is controlled, and the errors in the packaging material during the production process are detected in time and at the same time accurately compensated and corrected, avoiding the waste of packaging materials. If the inspection fails to meet the technical requirements after the predetermined number of tracking, it can automatically stop for inspection to avoid the generation of waste;

Due to the frequency conversion speed regulation, the chain transmission is greatly reduced, the stability and reliability of the machine operation are improved, and the noise of the machine operation is reduced. It guarantees the packaging machine, low loss, automatic detection and other multi-functional, fully automatic high technical level. It has both a beautiful and fashionable appearance and a healthy and alert mind.

Although the application function of the transmission system used in the food packaging machine is relatively simple, it has higher requirements for the dynamic performance of the transmission.

Requirements, the system requires fast dynamic following performance and high speed stability accuracy. Therefore, the dynamic technical indicators of the frequency converter must be considered, and the high-performance frequency converter can meet the requirements.

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