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Vacuum packaging Outlook is optimistic about the future, or will replace the rigid packaging

Apr 22, 2015

Vacuum packaging helps prevent food spoilage, food companies and consumers of all ages. China vacuum packaging technology was developed in the early 80 's, and vacuum packaging technology in the early 90 's of the last century began to use a small amount, along with the promotion and the development of supermarkets in small packages, its scope and more extensive, will gradually replace hard packaging, the prospects are very promising.

Vacuum packing machine with high tightness of the vacuum chamber is used, rugged, rack use the material as a whole, and will never rust, and the introduction of mechanical and electrical integration, simple operation, leapt to become the leader in packaging machinery products. With vacuum packing machine can make people buy into safer, more reliable product, also allowing manufacturers to save a lot of packaging material and labor.