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Preparation work before using vegetable packaging machine

Dec 29, 2020

Preparation work before using vegetable packaging machine

Vegetable vacuum packaging machine is a kind of vacuum packaging machine commonly used in food packaging industry. It can complete tasks such as automatic filling and capping of food. The entire packaging and sealing process can be completed at one time, with high efficiency, and it can also make food packaging strictly comply with food hygiene. Requirements.

According to the equipment and technical characteristics of the vegetable vacuum packaging machine, this type of sealing machine generally has a variable speed system that can adjust the production speed, and a precise cam indexer. On the basis of these equipment and technologies, the vacuum sealing machine can not only automatically lower the cup, place the lid, seal and discharge the cup, but also accurately lay the film and seal with good strength. Moreover, the current vacuum sealing machine is more automatic, and the operation is simpler and safer.

So what kind of vacuum packaging effect does the vegetable vacuum packaging machine need to achieve? First of all, the vegetable vacuum packaging machine must effectively reduce the oxygen content in the packaging material to prevent food from spoiling. Secondly, the vacuum packaging machine also needs to effectively ensure the color, fragrance and shape of the food during packaging, keep the taste unchanged, and ensure that the shape is not affected by extrusion.

In addition, the vegetable vacuum packaging machine will also perform a filling work after the vacuum packaging is completed, so that the packaging bag maintains a positive pressure, which can not only protect the food from being squeezed and deformed, but also maintain food nutrition and avoid nutrient loss. The filling air is mainly a single gas such as nitrogen, carbon dioxide or oxygen.

Before using the vegetable vacuum packaging machine, be sure to check the power supply voltage, check the grounding of the machine and whether the internal plug-in unit is firm and good. It is also necessary to check the oil level of the vacuum pump to confirm that it can support the long-term operation of the packaging machine to complete the task of packaging overwhelming.

Second, adjust the emptying time and sealing temperature according to the difference of the packaging bag materials of the vegetable vacuum packaging machine to ensure the packaging effect of the vacuum packaging machine. Also, when not working or after completing the task, you must turn off the power and inspect the inside of the packaging machine in time to ensure that the interior is clean and avoid being blocked by food residues or leftover packaging materials, which will corrode the internal environment of the packaging machine.

The design of the wet and dry vegetable vacuum packaging machine is mainly to meet the packaging needs of food and other small items, especially the packaging and protection of some liquid foods. Liquid foods are often more prone to spoilage than solids and need more protection. Direct storage in the refrigerator can easily affect the taste and quality of the food. Some liquid foods lack vacuum packaging and are not easy to carry and store.

After the user puts the items to be packaged into the vacuum chamber of the single-chamber vacuum packaging machine, the vacuum pump can be started to pump air from the vacuum chamber. When the predetermined vacuum setting is reached, the vacuum pump will stop running, and then it will move to the next heat sealing process.

Generally, the lower working room of the vegetable vacuum packaging machine is equipped with a hot-pressing sealing device. The heating component is a nickel-chromium belt. The device is absolutely insulated between the bakelite hot-press body and the vacuum chamber. The bakelite hot-pressing frame is tightly attached to the airbag and heat-sealed The front airbag is in a vacuum state.

When the vegetable vacuum packaging machine is heat-sealed, the airbag is communicated with the atmosphere through the solenoid valve to generate a pressure difference, which makes the airbag larger, the heating head (nickel-chromium belt) is lifted, and the sealed bag is compressed and heated at the same time. Sealing process. It can be said that the food packaged by the single-chamber vacuum packaging machine has a long shelf life, is not easy to deteriorate, and can also improve the product quality.