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pillow packing machine Instructions for candy

Jun 02, 2018

USES and features

The machine is suitable for single grain kink of candy, beef etc packing, high production efficiency, product packaging after forming the beauty is generous, package form a, is the pursuit of the best choice of the product standardization of food manufacturers. The built-in sugar tray feeding device enables the production to achieve high speed, greatly improving the production efficiency while saving manpower, thus reducing the production cost for the production unit. The double layer transport device of packaging film can be packed in single layer or double layer. Synchronous control of paper removal without sugar, no empty bags, leakage bags, ensure 100% packaging rate. Variable frequency speed control, so that the production of products more idealistic.

Installation and commissioning:

1. Installation of the machine: this machine provides users with two ways of lifting and lifting. The first is to leave the screw hole of lifting hook on the upper part of the machine for use
The lifting hook can be screwed into the screw hole, and then moved to the proper position by driving or "chain drive". The second is to move the machine on both sides of the bottom of the machine by string or hook claws.

1) connection of the circuit: open the main distribution box at the back of the machine (as shown in figure 3), and only connect to the machine according to the power specified in the technical parameters. The connection position is shown in attached figure 2.

2) gas path connection: due to the need of S800 work with gas as the auxiliary power, so you also should be equipped with an air compressor, and the vent pipe of the air compressor and the machine's own import even pick of oil-water separator. (the position of the oil-water separator is shown in figure 3)

2. Normal start-up and debugging:
1) steps of normal opening and shutting down: (generally speaking, start a little before opening the host machine for debugging, and make sure the machine can operate normally before opening the host machine for normal operation)
Starting steps: power on, air supply on, hairbrush on, main engine on, speed control knob to required speed, machine working normally.
Turn off step: turn off the speed control knob gradually, turn off the air supply, turn off the main machine, turn off the brush, turn off the power, and finish.

2) installation of wrapping paper: remove the sugar bowl (vertically lifted) and
Paper position fixing nut; Chart drum set into the roll shaft, according to the appended drawings as shown in the paper's approach is the wrapper around the shaft, when the wrapping paper is pulled to the feeding parts, paper and rubber roller pressure, as shown through the paper icon position, turn the knob will go paper wrapping paper to slightly beyond position than paper cutting knife, then put on paper and rubber roller pressure, the sugar plate, wait for boot. (when the position of the cutting knife is not in an open state, the paper cannot wear away paper parts, be about to move to point at this time Leave space for cutter (gas switch at the same time should also open), so as to make the wrapping paper to wear away paper parts smoothly.)

3) paper position adjustment: after the paper roll tube is put into the paper roll shaft, it is not necessarily the optimal position. The position of the paper roll can be adjusted by the paper position adjusting screw (see figure 5). If the wrapping paper is loose or tight, it can be achieved by adjusting the tightness of the brake device.

4) adjustment of the brush: generally, the position of the brush is not always in the best position because of the packaging. Users can adjust it well before starting the machine. The brush can be adjusted to ensure that the sugar particles in the sugar tray do not leak out. After adjustment, the screw at the bottom of the brush holder should be tightened.

5) test: first put several materials in the front of the sugar tray, turn on the power switch on the control panel on the upper part of the machine, and then turn on the feed successively

After the air switch and brush switch, click the tap button

Button to view the working condition of the packaging (check the running and trajectories of the moving parts, the voice of the machine, the shape of packaging products, etc.) are appropriate, conform to the requirements, the open host switch, for normal operation.