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Palletising systems will play an increasingly important role

Apr 22, 2015

In terminals of the automatic production line, products to several tons per hour and dozens of tons of speed builds up and must be dealt with. This is equivalent to an hour weighing, packaging and stacking dozens of bags and thousands of bags of goods, especially heavy bags, so heavy, precise work, not humanly do it. According to our recent survey in some areas, such as mineral powder, flour, heavy bag stacking or rely on manpower, this change of status has become essential. Therefore, the palletising systems are important components of automated production lines, improper handling often become bottlenecks in the production line. Palletizing systems to adapt to the current development needs, modular structure must be used. Modular structures not only to meet different user requirements, and simplifying device design and manufacture, and shorten the production cycle and reduce costs.