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Packing machinery green wind is the road we must take

Apr 22, 2015

Raising the level of production, we increasingly high demand for goods, demand for quality assurance, ensuring safe and practical, in terms of packaging is also a high esthetic demand. Thus packaging the became the spoils over the hardest hit, delicate prints, beautifully packaged an array of goods. But excessive packaging not only improved commodity prices, causing the waste of capital, not commensurate with the environmental sphere.

In recent years, on product packaging succinct environmental protecting, and growing. Future development trend of packaging machinery Professional on new approaches.

As a mechanical engineering's most rapidly developing area, packaging machinery professional 2012 years ago cumulative sales of 15.42 billion yuan in the third quarter, an increase of 14%, have achieved good results. But low carbon green wind is changed with every corner of life, food, medicines, household appliance affects all share the lifestyle and spending ideas. China packaging machinery Professional is also actively adapt to such changes, and changes the form itself.