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Packaging machinery industry in our country should take the road of brand strategy

Apr 22, 2015

China food packaging machinery industry was born in the market, is basically the combination of free enterprise. Food packaging machine by comparison, is a relatively slow development of the industry, auto-saving still.

Mainly reflected in the following aspects: the different origins because the enterprise (State-owned, collective, private), funding, equipment, technical strength varies, the starting point is different. Overall trend is less of high starting point, most businesses are hovering at a low level on the device. One area there are a number of production, reproducibility is large, prices are also competitive ill, weak profits.

Recently some exporters have found business opportunities in overseas markets are rushing headlong into mass action, some products are battling for customers while they kill each other, desperate to talk, not only profitable but also to "sell" smacks of. That industry still has not changed, may be nearly a century of poverty and backwardness, China has created a "even a little simple poor, as long as it is cheap and can make do with a" State of mind. This mentality to engage in international competition in the market and eventually lead to the foreign countries use our products as anti-"sell" object of investigation, when the loss is not a company but an entire industry.