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Packaging green in vogue

Apr 22, 2015

Green of wind hearts, this humanity are attention of questions, it now has penetration to all field, packaging work also not exceptionally, traditional packaging mechanical will exists some function low, and produced power low, and spoil severe, appearances, thus we needs adjustment products structure, drop noise, and consumption forward produced power, plans Shi from equipment of structure, and using of information, and making technology, and module of, and can demolition, and balanced stature, and people machine engineering, and available sex, several aspects for "green plans".

As China's economy has prospered and expanded, and people's quality of life and consumption levels, large amounts of capital to waste and environmental pollution caused by waste, growing companies recognize this, environmental protection from the source, packaging material has undergone a change, generally can be divided into repeated reuse and recycling of packaging materials and edible packaging materials, biodegradable material and paper material. New information led packaging machinery company from materials, planning, production, and products using recovered, every link be reductions, resource saving, efficient, harmless, realize the whole industrial chain of environmental protection.