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Operating Instructions for Small Hardware Packaging Machine

Dec 09, 2020

Operating Instructions for Small Hardware Packaging Machine

When using the hardware packaging machine, we must pay attention to some problems in order to better operate the hardware packaging machine and make it work better.

  1. Before starting up, please carefully check whether the various parts of the hardware packaging machine are in good condition and whether the screws are loose. If you have any problems, please solve them in time.

  2. If it is a hardware packaging machine, be sure to clean the feeder and measuring machine to ensure that the machine is clean.

  3. After starting up, set the temperature of the thermostat on the man-machine interface, and apply the packaging film.

  4. Adjust the bag-making and coding effects, and start making packaging bags and feeding materials.

  5. If it is general hardware packaging, make sure that the product is not vacuumed; check the sealing of the packaging bag to make it completely sealed.

  6. During the production process, the packaging quality of the product should be checked from time to time. If any problems are found, the packaging machine should be stopped in time.

  7. To use the packaging machine correctly, do not debug each part by hand when the packaging machine is in operation, it is quite dangerous. Pay attention to safety, safety is the most important

  8. If there is a problem with the packaging machine, please stop the operation immediately and check and deal with it in time. After the problem is solved, the packaging machine can be started.

  9. Check the running direction of the conveyor belt to ensure that the conveyor belt runs in the normal direction.