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Mask packaging machine FAQ

Dec 24, 2020

Mask packaging machine FAQ

Medical mask packaging machine is suitable for masks, medical masks, paper towels, wet wipes, N95\KN95 masks. It can be packaged individually or multiple packaging together, with good effect and fast speed

● 1. What else can your fast mask packaging machine pack besides masks?

   Answer: This machine has strong applicability. In addition to packaging quick masks, it can also pack cotton swabs, wet wipes, syringes, medical catheters and other products. It has multiple uses and will not cause investment-idleness-waste. The benefit of owning customers is great.

● 2. How many volts of power does the factory need to meet the equipment requirements, and what is the packaging speed of the mask packaging machine?

   Answer: The fast mask packaging machine produced by our company is equipped with a power supply of 220V. The voltage in most areas can meet the normal operation of the machine. According to the actual situation, it can pack 40 to 230 masks per minute.

● 3. How is the equipment packaging effect?

   Answer: The fast mask packaging machine produced by our company adopts a fully computerized control system, a man-machine interface, and is easy to operate. There are two temperature control meters to control the end seal and the middle seal respectively. The sealing effect is beautiful, the cut is clean and the color code The tracking system is sensitive. A bag can be aligned with the color code to accurately adjust the cutting position. The packaging pattern is complete and the packaging material is saved. This machine is very newly developed by our company. It can automatically complete bag making, metering, filling, sealing, and separation. Cutting, counting, hot pressing batch number, etc.

The mask packaging machine has an automatic monitoring function, which can diagnose the cause of the failure during the operation of the packaging machine and provide solutions. According to user needs, a network monitoring interface can be added. Users only need to connect to our company through a program-controlled telephone line to realize remote operation monitoring, fault diagnosis and data transmission functions.

The transmission of the whole machine adopts cantilever type with compact structure. The operation, maintenance and daily maintenance of the packaging machine are more convenient and simple; the packaging speed is high, the packaging quality is stable, and the packaging appearance is flat and beautiful. Advanced technology and safety devices such as overload protection, leakage protection, fault alarm, etc., have complete functions.

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