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Introduction to maintenance and maintenance knowledge of pillow packaging machine

Dec 09, 2020

The main reasons for the failure of the automatic pillow packaging machine: 

improper installation, use and maintenance, inadequate lubrication, natural wear, environmental factors, personal qualities, and other reasons.

1. Improper use and maintenance: Violation of operating specifications, operating errors, overpressure, overspeed, overtime, corrosion, oil leakage, overheating, etc. beyond the allowable range of equipment functions, improper maintenance and repair, qualified spare parts, partial modification errors, etc.

2. Inadequate lubrication: damage to the lubrication system, improper selection of lubricant, deterioration, insufficient supply, misuse, etc.

3. The human factor is one of the most important factors affecting equipment failure.

①Although I saw it, I didn’t care and turned a blind eye

②Think that this kind of problem does not exist and treat it as disregarding

③Insufficient skill level, no defects can be seen

④ Regardless of the problem, it is about to get off work and wait for the successor to do it. Torai's thinking is serious

⑤In the process of dealing with the problem of failure hastily, not attentive or careful

Classification of packaging machine failure:

1. Electricity and gas failure;

2. Failure of instrument and control system;

3. Pipeline failure;

4. Unit system failure: wear failure; misuse failure; inherent weakness failure.