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Innovation is the basic requirement of the automatic packing production line

Apr 22, 2015

Packaging automation needed in order to change the packaging industry, the automation of packaging equipment has the following requirements or trend:

(L) integrated electromechanical instrument technology is the mainstream packaging and palletizing line. Degree of automation is an important sign packaging machinery and technology. Includes technological process, process parameters and material flow, product quality, operation, security, automation and packaging materials, packaging bags, packaging products, packaging or container automatically detects the two aspects of the process. Due to the extensive use of microelectronics, far-infrared, sensors and other high-tech, in particular the application of microcomputers, so has improved rapidly, thus reducing manual operations, improve the quality of packaging.

(2) in the promotion of single high speed at the same time, improve the efficiency of the system. Speed is the main way to improve the efficiency of production of packaging machinery, and continuously improve packaging has become the general trend, the main approach is to raise the level of automation, while constantly improving structure. Also devote more attention to improving productivity of the whole packaging systems, high speed to the deep development, packaging systems are more economical.