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How to maintain the exterior of the automatic packaging machine?

Nov 17, 2020

How to maintain the exterior of the automatic packaging machine?

In this issue, I will show you how to maintain the exterior of the automatic packaging machine! Hope this article is helpful to you!

1. Add lubricating grease to the screw rod, cylinder piston rod and end ball bearings of the packaging machine once every two months.

2. Regularly check and arrange the cutters of the packaging machine. Check whether it is oxidized, damaged and covered by other impurities such as dust;

3. Quantitative refueling of the reducer of the packaging machine. The oil level should be positioned at the center of the oil standard. Too much will affect the normal operation of the packaging machine.  

4. Clean the casing part of the packaging machine regularly to keep it dry to avoid oxidation of the casing

5. Keep the cutting edge of the cutter sharp and ensure its circulation operability.

6. Add oil to the joints of the packaging machine structure at a reasonable time. For example, the bottom drive chain and the bevel gear in the front column parts should be greased once a week.  

Because the packaging machine has high intensity and long operating time, attention should be paid to the maintenance and smoothness of its key positions, so as to ensure that the machine continues to operate at high speed.

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