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Components of food packaging machine

Nov 16, 2020

Components of food packaging machine

Food packaging machines generally consist of the following parts:

1. Power part; 2. Transmission mechanism; 3. Control system; 4. Body or frame; 5. Packaging work executive mechanism.

1. Power part

The power part is the driving force of mechanical work. In modern industrial production, it is usually an electric motor. In some cases, a gas engine or other power machinery is also used.

2. Transmission mechanism

The transmission mechanism plays the role of transmitting power and movement. It is mainly composed of transmission parts, such as gears, cams, sprocket (chain), belts, screws, worms, etc. It can be designed as continuous, intermittent or variable speed operation according to needs. Advise the shirt manager.

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3. Control system

In packaging machinery, from the power output, the operation of the transmission mechanism, to the action of the work execution mechanism, and the coordination cycle between the various mechanisms, they are all commanded and manipulated by the control system. In addition to the mechanical type, the control method of modern packaging machinery is also There are electrical control, pneumatic control, photoelectric control, electronic control and jet control. The selection of control methods generally depends on the level of industrialization and production scale, but at present, many countries generally adopt control methods that are still mostly electromechanical.


4. Body or rack

The fuselage (or frame) is the rigid skeleton of the entire packaging machine. Almost all the equipment and mechanisms are installed on its work surface or inside. Therefore, the fuselage must have sufficient rigidity and reliable stability. The basin makes the center of gravity of the machine in a low state. However, attention should also be paid to reducing the support of the machine and reducing the area occupied.

5. Packaging work executive agency

The packaging action of the packaging machinery is completed by the working mechanism, which is the core part of the packaging action. More complex packaging actions are mostly realized by rigorous moving mechanical components or manipulators, which are often a combination of mechanical, electrical, or photoelectric effect elements with integrated applications and laws.

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