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Cereal Bar Making Machine raw materials

Mar 03, 2021

Cereal Bar Making Machine raw materials

1. Select raw materials and carefully match them.

According to the principle of balanced diet of "food diversity", cereal bars are carefully selected from 7 categories and 15 kinds of raw materials, from cereals to beans, from seeds to fruits, and are rich in sources. The raw materials are selected from many places around the world and carefully matched.


2. Diverse nutrition, strong feeling of fullness.

Cereal bars, high protein, high dietary fiber, strong feeling of fullness after eating, and supplement a variety of nutrients to the body.

Good raw materials that you can see, and a variety of nutrients that you can't see. Cereal bars are preferably chia seeds containing n-3 unsaturated fatty acids, and quinoa, which is called "full nutrition food" by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FA0), and other raw materials are more nutritious.


3. Safe and reliable, convenient and delicious.

The cereal bars are processed in a non-fried form and are made with more than 10 procedures, with a number of safety indicators and strict testing, so that consumers can eat at ease.

Cereal Bar Making Machine