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Bread packaging machine, good packaging practicability

Dec 09, 2020

Bread packaging machine, good packaging practicability

  The bread packaging machine is a pillow packaging machine. The bread packaging machine is also suitable for one-time quick packaging of other bulk, conventional solid or small tray items. The bread packaging machine is controlled by a single servo motor or a double servo motor. Compared with other products controlled by similar frequency conversion motors or frequency converters at home and abroad, it has high packaging accuracy, wide adjustable range, high control accuracy, low rejection rate and good stability. Thanks to the advanced fully open box structure, the transmission structure is clear at a glance and maintenance is more convenient. In the use of box materials, the 12 mm thick steel plate ensures the stability of the entire machine at high speeds. Due to the special product characteristics of bread, the bread packaging machine can be equipped with alcohol spray or nitrogen filling device to strictly ensure the safe consumption of bread.

Multifunctional Bread Automatic Packing Machine

  In this era of development, many products need packaging, so packaging machinery and equipment are developing very rapidly. Bread packaging machine is a kind of packaging equipment for bread products. Its existence solves the packaging problem in food production. In the 21st century, the development of science and technology is also very rapid. In our country, the development of science and technology will improve the production technology of bread packaging machines. Of course, it will also maintain the production needs of most companies. When using the bread packaging machine, the operator should be familiar with and operate the equipment to avoid malfunctions caused by misoperation and make the problem difficult. For most enterprises, it is necessary to equip some people with technical foundation and familiar with the operation of bread packaging machine. If you don’t know, you can also train them first.

Next, we will introduce the relevant knowledge of packaging machine maintenance:

  The first level of maintenance is to lubricate and tighten the packaging machine, check the relevant parts that need to be checked, and do a good job of cleaning the machine. An important part of the secondary maintenance is to check and adjust the packaging machine. The main components are engine, transmission, clutch, steering and braking components and transmission components. The focus of the three-level maintenance is to do a good job in troubleshooting and replacement inspection of wear parts. Certain parts will affect the performance of the machine after a period of use. Should be replaced in time. Operators at parts prone to failure are always vigilant, peanut candy machinery avoids casualties and property losses due to failure.

  In addition to being suitable for bread packaging, the bread packaging machine can also be used for fast packaging of blocks, regular solids or small trays. The food vacuum cooler is mainly used, which is a key equipment for the preservation and safety of packaged food. Compared with the general cooling method (natural cooling, blast cooling, cold room cooling), it can not only achieve aseptic cooling, but also achieve a faster cooling rate (only 5-15 minutes, the general cooling method requires at least a few Hours to tens of hours). At the same time, the uniform cooling of the center and the surface of the food is realized, and the temperature of bacterial reproduction is avoided between 55-30 degrees Celsius, and the food is cooled. Hygienic quality is the key technical equipment to ensure food safety and prevent food poisoning. Therefore, the bread packaging machine has a great advantage, and it can also be used for more regular-shaped products.