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Advantages of food vacuum packaging machine

Dec 22, 2020

Advantages of food vacuum packaging machine

    The advantages of the vacuum packaging machine is very obvious, is indispensable packaging equipment. The main role of the vacuum packaging machine is to remove oxygen in order to extend the time of food spoilage, and its principle is not complicated, very simple.

    Because only in addition to the oxygen, then it is difficult for microorganisms to survive, and food mold spoilage is its cause, microorganisms can not survive, then the problem can be solved, and most of the microorganisms can not survive away from oxygen, and the vacuum packaging machine is to seize this principle, the air in the bag all pumped out, you can make microorganisms lose the living environment. Vacuum packaging machine, in addition, is to prevent the oxidation of vacuum-packed food, because there are many unsaturated fatty acids in oil and grease food, if you encounter oxygen will be oxidized, so that the food deteriorates, the taste becomes bad. At the same time, vacuum-packed food, but also to play the role of anti-pressure and insurance, can make the food long-term effective in maintaining the original color, fragrance, taste, shape, etc., with the original business value.

    Different materials and shapes of product packaging, the purchase of different to pay attention to. For example, if customers want to package solids and other relatively dry and corrosive materials, you can buy aluminum alloy material; and packaging with soup, salt, acid composition of higher materials, you can choose stainless steel or aluminum-magnesium alloy material. Seal ring is generally made of silicone rubber, black rubber, a few low-grade products using foam rubber, silicone rubber high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, good sealing, long service life, foam rubber sealing is poor, easy to fall off, short life.

    Tea vacuum packaging machine, belongs to a kind of vacuum packaging machine. However, in the middle of the actual application, its application or a very big difference exists. Vacuum pack packaging machine using advanced microcomputer controller, drive stepper motor control bag length and trademark positioning, stable performance, easy to adjust, accurate detection. Moreover, the unique triangular shape of the packaging appearance, beautiful, stylish and enhance the display effect. However, the general vacuum packaging machine does not have such an effect.

    And the vacuum sealing machine in the process of use, although the vacuum, inflatable, paste the body of a variety of food, meat products, seafood, fruits and vegetables, sauces, cooling meat, pharmaceutical products, hardware components, medical devices, etc.. However, in the substance of the above, or and the above two devices, or there are very big differences exist. Vacuum sealing machine is mainly isolated from all contact between the product and the outside world. The food vacuum packaging machine, and tea vacuum packaging machine, in the middle of the actual application, but the main use of microbial system, to prevent food oxidation way to use.

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