Single Turning Candy Packing Machine

Product Details

Technical Parameters

ModelSingle Twist Candy Packing Machine
packing speed50-420 grains/minute
Net weight1280KG
the product specification length12-34*width10-28*height6-20mm
Outside dimensions1950mm×1090mm×1475mm(L*W*H)
Total power2.5KW
380V, 50HZ

the packing shape of productround slice \ellipse, waist round, 
cylindrical, rectangular square etc
Applicable ProductHard Candy, Toffee, Chocolate, Beef Granule

Main Features

*The High Speed Single Turning Candy Packing Machine is equipped with a microcomputer control system, a Chinese and English display and features simple and reasonable design, stable performance, easy operation, convenient daily maintenance, photoelectric location.

*Film-drawing by a stepping motor, volume measuring by a turn plate, convenient adjustment, stepless speed regulation, good sealing property, environmental protection, leakage and moisture resistance, convenient maintenance, high precision of bag making, automatic measure of the length of a packaging film, and automatic memory of previous packing parameters, and wide application.

*These High Speed Single Turning Candy Packing Machine are robustly constructed using unmatched quality components. We implement advance technologies to manufacture these wrapping & packaging machines and ensure long functional life, durability and smooth performance of our machines. 

*Besides, these are compact sized and lightweight. High-density cam indexing unit, cam gear transmission. Automatic bag length adjustment, Double layer films available.