High-quality Multi-functional Candy Packing Machine

high-quality multi-functional candy packing machine, a professional packing machine for chocolate, biscuit, wafer, knives and forks, candy bar and other solid products with crisp surfaces.

Product Details

High-quality multi-functional candy packing machine(F-DBZ600)


Food line: Chocolate, Wafer coating, biscuit, yolk pie, Snickers, cotton candy, etc.

Commodity: Soap, similar product.

Main Advantage:

1.Compact design,8 servo motors operating Industrial touch screen, Simple operation

2. Taking the Leading rank by using Trio motion technology in the packing industry, no pressure plate to fix the product in the feeding line.

3. Equipped with a photocell tracking device with no empty packing.

4. Automatic splicer device, no need to stop to replace packing film

5. Excellent sealing system

6Stainless steel frame, high standard, no pollution

7. Work independently or connected to a production line.
8. Various types of heating sealable laminate films namely PE/BOPP, CPP/BOPP, CPP/PET, PE/NYLON, Aluminium foil based can be run on the machine.

9. Multifunctional feeding line ensures the automatically feeding. conveying and packing with no damage to the easy-broken surface.

Technical Parameters:

Packing Speed


Product Dimensions


Total Power


Outside Dimensions


Net Weight


Power Source

380V,50HZ or Local configuration customized   



Multi-functional packing line 


convoyer part     outlet

Conveyor part equipped with a photocell tracking device with no empty packing.


Automatic splicer device, no need to stop to replace packing film, enhance the production capacity


Mechanical box part: famous brand PLC and servo motor

Packing Sample:


milk candy, chocolate candy, sesame candy, nougat candy 


1. One year quality guarantee for the main electrical parts (servo motor and servo drive) and the wearing parts are not covered by the warranty.

2. Provide online technical support, quick response to after-sales service.

3. Provide the complete process of installation, debugging, technology support and

staff training (overseas service)when clients provide the Visa charge, round ticket, hotel and commissioning fee.

4. Provide the electrical parts and accessories at EXW price for the long term.

Company Profile

TAIZHOU FINE FOOD MACHINERY CO., LTD (web:www.tzfines.net ).The main production equipment is as follows:

Pillow Packing machine: candy packing, chocolate packing, chocolate bar packing, nougat packing &wafer packing

Single &double twist packing: candy packing, chocolate packing

Production line equipment: hard candy &soft candy depositing machine, flat &found Lollipop depositing machine, chocolate production line.

On the basis of this, we have a professional technical team and good after-sales service. Our machines are sold to many countries and get good feedback.


Q1: How is the installation of the machine is done?

A: We will debug the machine, then deliver the goods only when the machine is running properly.we will also send you the videos of this machine. When you receive the machine, you can use it directly.

Q2: How is the width of the pillow sealing be defined?

A: It is somehow related to the size of the pillow as well as the parameters of the film we use, general size 5mm.