flow packing machine for soap F-ZL800

flow packing machine for soap F-ZL800
Product Details

Technical parameters



Packing Type

Flow Pack

Packing Speed


Packing Product

Chocolate, Bar Products, Wafer, Biscuit, Pie, Nougat, Coating Product.

Product Dimension

Length:55-130mm, Width:15-60mm, Height: 5-30mm(can be customized)

Total Power




Outside Dimension


Main Feature

+The wrapping equipment with highly sensitive detector automatically and accurately monitors the whole procedure. Flow packaging equipment with independent temperature control guarantees beautiful and tight sealing. 

+The flow packing machine for soap F-ZL800 is suitable for a wide variety of flexible packing material and packing size. Simplified mechanical structure with dual-frequency converter is easy to maintain, which has little vibration, little wear and long life.

+High sensitization electric eyes can follow the object automatically and accurately. Independent temperature control for each sealer makes the appearance beautiful and firm. The human-machine interface features easy and quick setting and operation.

+All control is realized through software, easy for function adjusting, and technical upgrade.Positioned stop function, without sticking a knife or wasting film.

+In addition, our R&D experts team are engaged in the research and development of new products to tailor our customers’ requirements and to perfect our services. Our entire range of flow packing machine for soap F-ZL800 is checked for quality and performance to ensure that only a flawless range is being dispatched to our clients.