Multifunctional bread packaging Machine(F-Z400)

Product Details

Technical parameters



Packing Type

Flow Pack

Packing Speed


Packing Product

Chocolate,biscuits,bread,commodity, and similar products

Finished bag length


Total Power

2.8 KW



Outside Dimension


Main Feature

1. With simplified mechanic structure, Multifunctional bread packaging Machine(F-Z400) is easy to maintain. The main control circuit takes the single chip developed by us, digital screen display. Controlled by frequency inverter.

2. The capacity and bag length are controlled by double frequency inverter, controlled with step less speed shift and wide adjustment, it can match well with former working production line.

3. Two-way tracking for accurate sealing and cutting fo patterns. Position shutdown and automatic opening-closing device for longitudinalsealing ,ensuring no harm to the packing films. The operation saves time, effort and manpower to improve productivity.

4. Having automatic monitoring function. Any fault reason during operation will be self diagnosed, and showing the solution. According to product proportion, product size can be adjusted by adjusting the parameters in the display screen to achieve various proportions.

5. Independent temperature control for sealer makes the perfect and tight sealing and suitable for a wide variety of flexible packing materials.

6. With the proficiency of this field, we are capable to present an extensive range of Multifunctional bread packaging Machine(F-Z400).