automatic twist chocolate packing line

Product Details

Technical parameters



Packing Type

Flow Pack

Packing Speed


Packing Product

Chocolate,biscuits,bread,commodity, and similar products

Finished bag length


Total Power

2.8 KW



Outside Dimension


A quick change of product dimensions is possible by exchange of the wrapping units.

Main Feature

*High speed automatic twist chocolate packing line(F-Z400) are used for the twisting style packing of chocolate, praline, pressed candy, and etc. It is suitable for various kinds of products in different shapes and sizes, providing excellent packing performance.

*High speed automatic twist chocolate packing line(F-Z400)  are used for arranging and disordered products so that they can be fed into the packing machine steadily and quickly. The machine includes several feeding system, transportation belt and different kinds of steel rails and is controlled by the connecting packing machine, which ensures the excellency and reliability of the packing performance.

Product Advantage

1. Packing single-layer paper and double layer paper simultaneously;

2. Two kinds of packing form: folding end with hot glue and heat sealing;

3. Frequency converter will automatically adjust packing speed according to different size of candy shape

4. Automatic fault alarm system can display fault information & place and stop machine;

5. High-precision optoelectronic color code system can make cutting position precisely;

6. Automatic stop device when no candy.