Full-servo High-speed Automatic Feeding Pillow Packing Machine

SP-Z1200 multifunctional packing machine is used for the packing of solid products with regular shapes, such as candies,chocolate,preserved fruit,etc.

Product Details

Full-servo high-speed automatic feeding pillow packing machine

1. Production Features of packing machine

The machine is used for the packing of solid products with regular shapes, such as candies,chocolate,preserved fruit,etc.



●  super feeding plate, durable structure design prolongs the machine using time

●  with three servo touch screen control system

●  with double paper rollers


●  feeding better and less empty package

●  easy to install, and easy for maintenance

●  high speed, stable running, low noise

2. Product specification of the packing machine

packing speed

 50-1200 candy/minute (single candy)

Net weight


Finished bag size


Outside dimensions


Total power



 380V, 50HZ

the packing shape of product

 Round slice, ball shape, ellipse, waist round shape, cylindrical, block , etc.

adopted product

 hard candy, soft candy, toffee, center filled candy, scotch, pill, chewing gum.


 OPP, CPP, aluminum plastic film and other hot-sealing material, etc

Main electrical equipment configuration instructions

Full-servo high-speed automatic feeding pillow packing machine BOM
Suitable for high-speed candy machine, speed up to 1200ppm, 100 sets of formula, knob speed adjustment
Fixed length, calibration, automatic film connection, bag length modification in real-time, manual start without blocking film, triaxial independent switch, no reset required
NumberNameSpecifications and ModelsBrandQty
2touch screenTG765S-XTxinje1
3communication cable DVPxinje1
4servo driveDS5K-20P7-PTAxinje1
4servo motor MS5S-80ST-CS02430-20P7-S01xinje1
5Servo power lineCM-P07-M-03xinje1
1Servo encoder lineCP-SP-BM-03xinje1
2servo driveDS5K-21P5-PTAxinje1
3servo motor MS5G-130ST-CM10015-21P5-S01xinje1
4Servo power lineCM-L15-03xinje1
5Servo encoder lineCP-SC-B-03xinje1
6servo driveDS5K-21P5-PTAxinje1
7servo motor MS5G-130ST-CM10015-21P5-S01xinje1
8Servo power lineCM-L15-03xinje1
9Servo encoder lineCP-SC-B-03xinje1
10temperature controllerXD-E6TC-Pxinje1
11solid-state relaySSR-60 DASchneider3
12breaker iC65N D 10ASchneider1
14switching power supplySDR-240-24MeanWell1
15power filter FT111-20Feiaote1
16proximity switchE2B-M12KS02-WP-C1Kim Lida2
17color mark sensorGDJ-211Yatai1
18start buttonLA39-01/GAPT1
19stop buttonLA39-01/RAPT1
20inching buttonLA39-01/YAPT1
21emergency stop buttonLA39-A1-2Z/RAPT1
22main power switchLW42B32APT1

3.  Production Application

●  Food Packing

●  Hardware Packing


●  Packing Sample:


4. Production Details


with super feeding plate, feeding better and less package


Press Brush


with three servo touch screen control system

IMG_4122_看图王with double paper rollers ,the wrapping paper can be used continuously without stop

5. Product Qualification 

     Taizhou Fine Food Machinery Co., Ltd. specializes in intelligent automatic sorting and packaging solutions, and independently develops and manufactures multiple series of automatic sorting and packaging lines, which are widely used in the food processing industry (pastry, vegetarian, chocolate, candy, quick-freezing), pharmaceutical industry, Medical equipment packaging, daily chemical, hardware, toys, stationery, and other fields. The company uses a professional and unique technical team, years of rich industry experience, and leading R & D and design concepts to provide tailored solutions for customers in different industries. Through high-speed, efficient, personalized, and automated modes, the company solves the traditional packaging industry It requires a lot of labor, low packaging efficiency, and easily causes secondary pollution and other problems.

●  Production technology process:


●  Our workshop and equipment



●  Exhibition style


●  Our certification


     In order to meet ISO 9001 international quality control standards, we have invested heavily in innovative materials and chemical analysis, raw materials and auxiliary material inlet inspections, rubber material characteristics detection, and physical performance index tests.


6. Deliver, Shipping And Serving

●  What about the delivery time?

    Place an order, sample photo, size, specification and model, requirement details (30-90 working days  after the receipt of deposit)

●  The payment term

    TT /PayPal / Cash

●  Package

    Standard export package(non-wood case)

●  Shipping

    By Sea

    FOB Ningbo / Shanghai


●  After Service

1. One year quality guarantee for the machine

2. Provide complete service from installation, production, Debugging, staff training.

3. Provide permanent components, technology support, quick response to after-sales service.

7. FAQ

●  Q: Can this machine make different bag size?

    A: One form can make one bag width, and the bag length can be adjustable within a range, it should be ordered an extra former if you want to make the other bag width.

●  Q: What is the material of contact food/material parts?

    A: The contact food /material parts are made of 304# stainless steel, the machine body can be 304# stainless steel or carbon steel.

●  Q: When you can deliver the machine after the order is placed?

    A: We usually can arrange shipment after 45-60 working days, but it depends on the quantity of the products.

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