Full Automatic Pillow Packing Machine For Candy And Another Food

It applies for the heat-sealing or cold-sealing pillow packing of products with crisp surface or easily-broken surface,such as chocolate,nougat,crunchy candy,cakes,soft bread,dried meat floss,biscuits,waffles,wafer,enrobing products and other solid products with regular shapes.
It with automatic film-forming device, it can realize that change the packaging film without stopping the machine.
It have automatic detection system, rejecting unqualified materials and achieving 100% packing rate

Product Details




This machine is suitable for automatic feeding and packaging of chocolate, wafer, yolk cake, candy and other surface fragile products.



1. Advanced full servo motor and driver program to control the system. Easy maintenance . Low failure rate. Stable performance

2. It use industrial touch screen computer and realized the communication with man and machine. Easy to operate

3. It can automatic photoelectric detecting and have servo distribution system

4. It can automatically accelerating and decelerating. Automatic filling. Accurate positioning. Without empty package

5. It can be equipped with additional equipment, including Intermittent Nitrogen Filling Device and Ethanol Spraying Device

6. It can eliminate incomplete materials

7. It can Customized conveying circulating cooling device.


Packing Speed


Packing film   width

Maximum:300   mm(can be customized to customer requirements)

Outer diameter   of packaging film reel

Maximum:350 mm

Shape of   Packaged Products

Round,   spherical, elliptical, rectangular, square, cylindrical

Specification   of Packaging Products


Packing   material

OPPCPPPETVM-OOOAl-plastic   filmPaper   membranePaper   glue etcSingle   or multi-layer heat or cold sealing materials

Total power


Power Supply

220V,50HZ(can   be configured according to local voltage)

Shape size


Machine weight





      With automatic filmforming device,it can 

     realize that change packaging film without         

     stopping the machine.Readucing the labor 

     and increasing the output




                            Intelligent design,easy to change the belt

      →           customizable water cooling circulation system       





Full automatic touch screen control,

complete servo motor system, easy to adjust               ←

various sizes of packaging,can store hundreds of 

menus to switch freely



                       It can automatically arrange,tran

    →       transport and arrange the 

                               materials in disorder


TAIZHOU FINE FOOD MACHINERY CO.,LTD.The main production equipment is as follows.

Pillow Packing machine :candy packing ,chocolate packing ,chocolate bar packing ,nougat packing &wafer packing

Single &double twist packing : candy packing ,chocolate packing

Production line equipment : hard candy &soft candy depositing machine ,flat &found Lollipop depositing machine ,chocolate production line .

On the basis of this, we have professional technical team and good after-sales service. Our machines are sold to many countries and get good feedback.


1.One year quality guarantee for the machine

2. Provide the permanent components, technology support, quick response to after-sales service.

3.Provide the complete process of installation, debugging, technology support and

Staff Training.

4. Provide the electrical parts and accessories for the long term.

5. The long-term after-sales service to send the engineer when clients provide the round ticket, hotel, and accommodation.



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