Full Automatic Pillow Packing Machine Applied For Chocolate/Bread/Biscuit

Main Features
1.Taking the Leading rank by using Trlo motion technology in the packing industry, no pressure plate to fix the product in feeding line..
2.Multi-function feeding line ensures the automatically feeding. conveying and packing with no damage to easy-broken surface.
3.The advanced TRLO motion control chip cooperates with seven full servo-motors, not only improve the speed, but ensure the steady performance for long service life.
4.directly connect with production line, realize automatic conveying, feeding, filling, date coding and packing without labor force but save the cost. 
5. high degree human-interface design, touch screen, operating and displaying clearly and conveniently operating.
6. Automatic splicer device, no need to stop to replace packing film, enhance the product capacity.
7. Equipped with photocell tracking device with no empty packing.
8. Stainless steel frame, high standard, no pollution.

Product Details

Full Automatic Pillow Packing Machine Applied For Chocolate/Bread/Biscuit


packing speed50-800pcs/minute
Net weight3300KG
Finished bag size65mm-180mm
Outside dimensions9685mm×1235mm×1793mm
Total power7.85KW
voltage380V, 50HZ
the packing shape of productrectangular, square, round slice, cylindrica, solid product with regular shape.
adopted product food: chocolate, wafer, peanut candy, biscuit, crisp candy, yolk pie, and cotton candy,biscuits, toilet soap and medicine, etc
filmOPP, CPP,aluminum plastic film,other hot-sealing and cold sealing packing film, etc

Must be read before starting

1, the basic working principle of the machine Overview:

The machine is composed of automatic material and complete the packaging of two parts of the automatic production line, the host uses a full servo drive and touch screen operation control system. Production process is from the supply → finishing → waiting in line → automatically enter the push paw → forming packaging → products.

2, boot before the first connected to the host and the next connection power, close the host power switch, click the touch screen in English key (flag icon), enter the host operation screen, click on the packaging parameters show fixed length or standard mode, this mode is Refers to the current working status of the machine, click the return button, the lower right corner shows the material to stop. Reasoning is the start of the host, the host work to run, the material line does not participate in the work; material start is the machine all in standby mode, press the start button, the connection first run, when the material line up until the first two When the signal is detected, the master will automatically start the package. In normal operation, when the back of the feed is too fast, the material line is the third, the fourth signal all detected, the back line will automatically blow out the waste.