Full Automatic Pillow Packing Machine

We supply Full Automatic pillow packing machine. We devoted ourselves to machines many years , covering most of Europe and Southeast Asia. We are expecting become your long-term partner in china

Product Details

                Full Automatic pillow packing machine

1. Production Features of packing machine

    SP-Z1200 machine is used for packing candies as well as other solid products with regular shapes such as round slice candy, spherical candy, ellipse candy, marble chocolate, etc.


●  with  Automatic film changing device without stopping the machine

●  with three servo touch screen control system.

●  durable structure design


●  Meet food safety standards

●  You can choose vibrating feeder and stainless steel housing for your options'

●  Full automatic less manual operation

2. Product specification of the Vacuum cleaners

packing speed

 50-1200 candy/minute (single candy)


Net weight


Finished bag size


Outside dimensions


Total power



 220V, 50HZ

the packing shape of product

 Round slice, ball shape, ellipse, waist round shape, cylindrical, block etc

adopted product

 hard candy, soft candy, toffee, center filled candy, scotch, pill, chewing gum.


 OPP, CPP, aluminum plastic film and other hot-sealing material, etc

3.  Production Application

 The machine is wildly used in soft candy, hard candy, Milk slice of sugar, preserved fruit, etc.


soft candy


Double gum


effervescent tablets



4.Production Details

1.with 304 stainless steel materials, durable structure design prolongs the machine using time and the machine can work separately.IMG_4139_看图王
IMG_4139_看图王(1)2.touch screen:Convenient for manual operation, convenient for switching between Chinese and English.

3.press brush:The part is pressed into the correct position during transportation to make the package neat and   beautifulIMG_4143

5. Qualification

●  About us

     Taizhou Fine Food Machinery Co., Ltd and Tai Zhou Superbly Mechanical &Electrical Technology Co., Ltd are based on the introduction of advanced European technology, have continuously developed a variety of high-speed packing machines such as kink series, candy and snack food molding machines, at the same time, can provide a variety of production line equipment and program design, are widely used in candy, snack foods, convenience foods, pharmaceutical products, frozen products, meat products, daily necessities, and industrial products.



●   The foreign trade sales team

     We have a strong foreign trade sales team, everyone in the team is very familiar with each production process, understands the whole process of the product, we have professional quotation personnel to give decomposition quotation, give a detailed analysis of the product cost.


  6. Deliver, Shipping And Serving of packing machine



7. FAQ  

●  Q: How long does the whole procedure being worked out?

    A: After you place an order, the production handling time is about 45-60 days. We need 7 days to prepare all the stuff then 45 days for manufacturing.

●  Q: What about transportation and delivery date?

    A: Normally we use shipment to transport the goods.It is about 25-40 days. It also depends on which country and port you are. If there are some emergencies we can send the goods via air express, as long as you afford the traffic expense.

●  Q: Is that packing many bag sizes in the same packing machine? 
    A: That is the common question from our customers.Every packing machine has its range for bag length and bag width. can you send us full details, I will calculate for you and give you exact reply. Need more machine details or videos? Please contact us directly!

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