Full Automatic Multifunctional Pillow Packing

This machine is applied for the automatic feeding and packing of chocolate,wafer,yolk pie,candy-floss,enrobing products and other products that with easily broken surface.

Product Details

Full automatic multifunctional pillow packing

Application :

This machine is applied for the automatic feeding and packing of chocolate, wafer, yolk pie,candy-floss, enrobing products, and other products that with an easily broken surface.

A.it can neat the disorder products and let them in order for packing

B. It can be directly connected with a high capacity producing line.


Main Features:

-With advanced servo-motor intelligent control system, it can reduce the machine problem and run stably with low noise.

-It can be connected directly with the producing line and can achieve the automation of feeding, forming, filling and sealing, and reduce the cost of labor.

--With intelligent human-interface design and touchscreen, it can show the machine working condition clearly and ensure the easy operation of the machine.

-With the paper-splicer system and you do not need to stop the machine change another roll of film. This will improve the working efficiency and increase the capacity.

-With automatic inspecting system and achieves the packing rate of 100%, without empty packing.

Technical Parameters

Packing Speed


Power Source

380V 50HZ

Total Power


Packing size

L:55-130mm,Width:15-60mm Height:5-30mm

Outside Dimensions