Full Automatic Multi-functional Chocolate Ball Wrapping Machine

Full Automatic Multi-functional Chocolate Ball Wrapping Machine
Product Details

Full Automatic Multifunctional Chocolate Ball Wrapping Machine

Main Features:

This machine is applied for the full automatic over-wrap of ball shape chocolate, olive shape chocolate, and candy. It is easy to operate, high efficiency, advanced structure, nice appearance, and simple line operation. 

The main core parts adopt modern high precise type intermission gear-driving and cam driving. Which makes all the performance accurate. It adopts full touchscreen control and the packing rate is 100%, no empty package. 

With the function of overload protects, electricity leak protect, no-film alarm etc. 

Food touch parts adopt stainless steel, looking smooth and washing, meeting international food standards

It will alarm automatically if any problem occurs and it is simple to maintenance and repair.

Technical Parameters:

Packing Speed50-300 grains/min
Bag Length50-60mm( according to the cutter)
Packing range15-30(L)*15-25(W)10-30(H)mm
Total Power3.5kw
Machine Dimension1970*991*1547mm
Total Weight1200kg
Packing MaterialsOPP, CPP, PET, Aluminum plating film, any hot     sealing film

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