Full Automatic Granola Bar Making Machine

This automatic granola bar making machine is suitable for the production granola bars,nougat,peanut candy and so on.

Product Details

Full Automatic Granola Bar Making Machine

Introduction:This automatic granola bar making machine is suitable for the production granola bars,nougat,peanut candy and so on.

1.Production Characters 


●  Equipped with high temperature device

●  304 stainless steel equipment

●  Using LPG for heating


●  Make sure that the syrup does not cool during stirring

●  Ensure food safety

●  Accurate cutting

2.Technical Parameters

Production capacity

1000Kg/h(ambient temperature: about 15℃)

Effective width of conveyor belt of main engine


Total power (KW)


External dimension


Weight (kg)



PLC is a Siemens or Omron brand

3.Production Application

●  Granola bars macking

●  Nougat making

●  peanut candy making

Making sample


4.Detail show


             Secondary laying mechanisms


                Electromagnetic sugar cooker


                         Mixing machine


                        Feeding machine


●  Production technology process


●  Purchase system

Purchase order /Purchase plan→supplier selection→Supplier survey→supply sample→ sample test → yes/no

Yes→Bulk purchase→delivery confirmation→sampling test→warehousing entry→settlement

●  Order system

Order/ contract notice→ Order assessment→Confirmation of advance payment→Prepare goods for production→Finished product inspection and storage→Confirmation balance payment→Delivery list→Confirmation of delivery date → Shipment

●  Machine outbound process

QC receive production inspection notice→Check the operation of each part→Check earth leakage, average current→Check the butter and anti-rust oil→Check machine appearance→Test running speed and stability→OK→Notify to open delivery list

●  After-sales service process

Received service request notice(email) →Information registration→Reply and communication→Confirm the service content and time→Arrange dispatch → Site installation and debugging → Service complete → Confirmation with the customer→Arrange return schedule→Regular visit

6.Deliver, Shipping And Servingimage



Q1:Do you have gurantee for your product?

A:As a factory, no one knows more about our products than we do.We have a fairly strict standard for our products.Our products have certification.

Q2:Are you direct factory?
A:We are both manufacturer and trading companiesno one knows more about our products than we do.We can provide the best quality equipment and the most affordable price, and according to your request, we can more quickly provide the corresponding service Scheme.Certainly,We welcome you to come visit our factory.

Q3:What if machine breaks down or not woking properly?
A:During warranty, free replacement! After warranty, online service or engineer dispatching!Please contact us!

Q4:How to install the machine?

A:we can intrust the install the machine by vedio, email ,picture.....if large project , we can arrange the worker help you to install it in your country .

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