​Double Twist Packing Machine F-S800

Product Details

Double Twist Packing MachineF-S800

A quick change of product dimensions is possible by exchange of the wrapping units.

Technical parameters



Packing Type

Double Twist

Packing Speed


Packing Product

Hard Candy, Chocolate.

Product Dimension

Length:12-34mm, Width:10-28mm, Height: 6-20mm(can be customized)





Outside Dimension


Main Feature  

1.One or two layers wrapping film available.

2.Speed Adjustment by frequency converter.

3.no product, no paper.

4.automatic photocell tracking, 100% packing rate, no empty package.


Installation of wrapping paper: remove sugar bowl (vertical up) and

Paper position fixing nut; Chart drum set into the roll shaft, according to the appended drawings as shown in the paper's approach is the wrapper around the shaft, when the wrapping paper is pulled to the feeding parts, paper and rubber roller pressure, as shown through the paper icon position, turn the knob will go paper wrapping paper to slightly beyond position than paper cutting knife, then put on paper and rubber roller pressure, the sugar plate, wait for boot. (when the position of the cutting knife is not in an open state, the paper cannot wear away paper parts, be about to move to point at this time Leave space for cutter (gas switch at the same time should also open), so as to make the wrapping paper to wear away paper parts smoothly.)