automatic peanut production line

Main Feature:
1.Our machine is designed according to the European technology and structure.
2.All the structure is made of high quality stainless steel to ensure the good quality and long service life.
3.The conveyor belt is adopted the PP food grade materials to ensure the high food hygiene.
4. Individual electrical box, Siemens PLC and touch screen, Motor is SEW from Germany and servo motor from Yaskawa(japan)
5. Reciprocating cutter is flexible to adjust the cereal bar length through touch screen, worked by the servo motor.
6. The hoppers and pressed rollers are all made of polyvinyl fluoride materials, no stick to syrup, This is widely used in the European machine.

Product Details

automatic peanut production line's Technical parameters:




600kg/H, 4-5 ton/One day

Machine Size

Same with drawing



Reciprocating Cutting Speed

60 times/min



Machine structure

Stainless steel

Machine size


Finish product size

L:5-100mm,width:10-150mm thickness:5-40mm

Applicable Products

Cereal bar, Muesli bar, Granola bar, Nougat, Snicker 

automatic peanut production line's Main Feature:

+Dies are machined to match your specific bar dimensions and the machine comes standard with a pneumatic guillotine cutter. Blade options include an anti-friction stainless steel. After the bar is cut, product can transfer onto a takeaway conveyor to feed a cooling tunnel or oven. Alternatively, we can provide a retractable conveyor to place the bars onto pans to be racked.

+The automatic peanut production line F-QK6000 is mainly used to cut the mixed peanut products into required sizes and cool them down. It is controlled by two inverters which allow it finish the cross cut by one machine. 

+Its strong rollers make the mixture quite flat and stick to each other tightly, avoid splitting. Machine parts which contact the foods are made of food grade plastic, and the machine body cover is made of stainless steel which is all suitable for food processing safety.

+Whole automatic peanut production line F-QK6000 is stainless steel, cast aluminium design, Stainless steel SUS304 cover, Food grade PU with. Through three wheel rolling to ensure that the surface smooth and uniform thickness.